Listen: NIAMSON ‘More Than A Little’ Feat. Danny Light Produced By Dame Grease

"More Than A Little" is the debut single by Niamson, an emerging artist from the Bronx section of New York with vocals by Alabama native Danny Light. The song gives off a smooth balance of witty lyricism with a story-like approach as Niamson describes love at first sight over the classic sample of Michael Jackson’s “I Can’t Help It”, with production by platinum producer Dame Grease.

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A New Generation of Wu-Tang MCs Hacking Music Distribution on Blend

As an art form, Hip Hop has always been a champion of open source creative processes. From DJs extending breakbeats from classic funk and soul records, to repurposing pieces of multiple works through digital sampling.

Today the Wu-Tang Clan as always is taking that idea one step further, putting the raw music files of a new song on Blend for anyone to re-imagine as they see fit.

This digital collaboration is part of a new project under the Wu-Tang Umbrella called Wutang Parental Advisory. “Basically we are carrying on the tradition by exposing a new generation of talent with that Wu-Tang swordstyle sharp rawness. We open up by bringing you back to where it all started “Once upon a time in staten island’ and take you on a journey from there around the country and the world in true Audio Visual Hybrid art form” explains Oliver Grant AKA Power, who is co-founder of Wu Tang and executive producer of the classic group and original solo albums. He is also credited with being a driving force in the branding and commercial empire around the music. “It’s about being in touch with what’s going on today not only in music and film but also taking the technology and marrying that to the traditional and fundamental methods we know to keep hip hop and the culture as a whole  moving in forward directions that actually work and compliment the culture without taking away the essence of it. Some things will work, some things won’t either way we have to find what works, make sense out of it and take those chances.Sometimes squares do fit in circles.”

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Willow In Teen Vogue ‘I’m very connected with my intuition.’

Like all teenagers, Willow and her fashion sense are still evolving, and she’s smartly resisting the pressure to define herself. She has made waves for bold outfits (leopard parachute pants paired with a leopard jacket?), but these days she’s digging a more laid-back, bohemian vibe (velvet bell-bottoms). Who knows what tomorrow may bring? “My style is who I am all the time,” she says, “and who I am always changes.” For proof, look no further than her hair, which in the past few years has been green, pink, and now blonde. “My hair is super-, super-, super-, superhard to destroy,” she says with a laugh. “It’s a survivor.” As for the new shade, she proudly reports: “Blondes do have more fun!”

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Listen: Emilio Rojas ‘Lonely’ (I Won Freestyle)

 Emilio’s latest  track 'Lonely' takes us to the rural reality of all the glitz in the glamour exposed to the world.  He drops jewels of why the world is so lost With today’s rapid addiction to social fame. Emilio enlightens the listener about the fade of beauty and how it can become so lonely.  Take a listen and drop your comments below. 

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