Joe Budden Ain’t Worry About Nothing!


And thats just how he’s feeling after watching the NYPD on twitter tweet about his arrest warrant.. smdh, when do we learn? guess never! apparatently Joe beat up his girl, and now the Cops are looking for that ass!.  According To Joe’s Instagram he’s turned himself in! & Ladies please respect yourselves, you already knew what it was! & guess what? WE DON’T CONDONE VIOLENCE! 

Watch: Bodega Bamz H.P.I.C (official video)

Its deeper than rap when I watch one of Bodega Bamz’s video.  His visuals has one meaning that sticks, he’s true to his heritage and religion, and for that we respect his art.  He never dissapoints us, and just like that his congo man is smack in the forefront of the road. ha.. love this.. check out the video and make your comments.. 

Listen: #TuesdayIndieMusic Michelle Garcia - “The Baddest (You’ve Ever Had)”

"The Baddest (You’ve Ever Had)" is the debut single from Michelle Garcia, a female Latin vocalist from the Bronx section of New York City. The Baddest focuses on Michelle’s hardships with getting over her past relationships and later on realizing who she is and why she’s the baddest. The Baddest features a sample by Black Rob’s famed "Whoa" with production by Niamson.

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#TuesdayIndieMusic First Featured Artist ‘NIAMSON’ - ‘More Than A Little’ Feat. Danny Light - Produced By DAME GREASE

Every Tuesday the Reveal Agency will recognize today’s indie artist on their new music series #TuesdayIndieMusic.  The series has been created to give indie artist a platform to be recognized for their talents… 

To start off the series Reveal Agency’s own NIAMSON is the featured artist. Listen to his music on sound and follow him on twitter @niamsonmusic